The Fabric and Churchyard of All Saints Church Great Braxted
North Transept. A faculty was granted to Peter Du cane, Esq. In 1761 to erect a Pew with a Vault beneath, now permanently sealed.  The present Stained Glass Window was designed and erected by William Warrington of London in 1883.
Vestry was added in the 19th Century.  Herein is a chimney breast and a bricked-up fireplace
Tower 12ft x14ft. 13th Century except for the West Buttresses and Window which are modern. It is surmounted by a Timber Belfry and a Spire with a shingled roof, which was restored in 1883 housing two bells.
South Porch and windows with a tiled roof are 15th Century. Seats on each side within.
Church Roof is tiled, probably 15th to 17th Century.  It was restored in 1883.
The Nave and Western half of the Chancel are early 12th Century when the church ended eastwards in an Apse, which was removed and the Chancel extended to its present length in the early 13th Century.
Shortly after this the West Tower was added but never finished. The South Porch was added in the 15thCentury.
Nave 38ft x 20ft. Has on the South wall Queiens of Roman brick. A plastered North Wall in which is an Eastern Window of the 12th Century
Chancel 32ft x 16ft. There are three Lancet Windows in the East Wall.  The break in the North and South Walls defines the junction of the 12th and 13th Century work.  In the North Wall the two windows are 13th Century Lancets and the Western Wall early 12th Century with a round head of Tufs. In the South Wall are 13 Century Lancets.  The Aumbry in the North Wall is 13th Century as the Piscina is in the South Wall.  Five feet from the East Wall are traces of an Altar Beam of the 13th Century on which Images and Reliquaries were placed.  This example of an Altar Beam is unique in the diocese.  Outside on the South Wall is a Scratch Dial used for telling the time for Orbits and Masses.
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